Founding & Managing Member

Mr. Macari is a Founding and Managing Member of Hudson Housing Capital. He is a member of the company’s Investment Committee, responsible for approving all tax credit investments made by the company and its affiliates.

Mr. Macari has operational responsibility for all aspects of the company’s day-to-day activities including oversight of acquisitions, asset management, syndication and accounting. In coordination with Investor Services, he also has primary responsibility for the investor closing process.

Prior to the formation of Hudson Housing Capital, Mr. Macari acted as a principal in acquiring distressed real estate assets, and investing in real estate related operating companies. Prior to 1991, Mr. Macari spent seven years at Shearson Lehman Brothers, acquiring and financing over $1.2 billion in real estate assets on behalf of clients of the firm. Before joining Shearson Lehman, Mr. Macari was a Senior Account Officer with Citicorp.

Mr. Macari holds a BA and MA in Public Policy from the University of Pennsylvania, and a BS in Economics from The Wharton School.